The Art of Paper Cutting

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The Art of Paper Cutting Outlaw

When: Sunday 10.30am – 12.30pm

Duration: 2 hours

Max participants: 8 (spaces limited)

Cost: £20.00

About the workshop

We have all seen these amazing papercut artworks online. But where to start? Gaelle will show you the basics of paper cutting to give you the confidence to tackle your first project. Choose a design from a selection provided or bring your own design (no bigger than 10 x 15cm please) and we will get you started. Gaelle will guide you through the process and will even teach you to make your own mount with a professional mounting tool. You will gain confidence to design, cut and make artworks that you will be proud to make for yourself and others.

Extra Information

  • All materials will be supplied
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Take home your scalpel and blades and your finished design ready to frame

Workshop leader

Workshop gaelleGaelle Penhallow,

Gaelle is a mixed media artist, teaching a range of crafts as well as mindfulness, both running hand in hand to release creativity and confidence.